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Australian Immigration & Ways to get Permanent Residency

Australia Immigration

Do you know the name of 6th largest country on the planet? Well, it’s Australia. However, it is not only the country but it is a whole continent. Australia is a famous place for immigration purposes. Every year, thousands of people apply for Australian Immigration. Moreover, Australia has successful immigration stories since 1945.

Australia is a country famous for its resources. This country is rich in resources and offers many opportunities for migrants. Migrating to Australia has been successful for many people around the world. It offers a great scope to enjoy a better lifestyle. It is mainly due to the grand economy of the county and excellent lifestyle of the people.

The economy of Australia is quite strong having rich resources for economic and social growth and development. However, this country has a smaller population, therefore, it has low workforce. Thus, to fill that gap, Australia invites immigrants from other countries to live and work in Australia.

Australia builds opportunities to let people belonging to other countries get advantage from the vastly available resources. In return, these immigrants help to improve Australian economy.

Study and Work in Australia

Australian Immigration is helpful for candidates to enjoy remarkable opportunities to study and work. Australia provides a high quality of life to international students and immigrants and Australia Skilled Immigration helps people to pursue a career in the most handy and professional skills.

Australia welcomes thousands of students every year. Students can apply in various study programs. Moreover, candidates can also apply for Australian Immigration to enjoy a better lifestyle.

Australian PR is meant to offer residents with lots of facilities as citizens of the country. As a PR holder, you can stay, work or study in Australia for an indefinite period of time. Moreover, you can also enroll in Australian National Healthcare schemes like Medicare. You can also sponsor your eligible relatives to help them apply for Australian PR.

Usually, candidates apply for Permanent Residency in Australia under the Employer Sponsored Visa, Skilled Visa, and Family Visa.

Family Visa

You can easily migrate to Australia under any of the Family Visas. However, you will need to provide the necessary and valid documents to prove your identity and eligibility. These documents will show your relationship with an Australian PR or a citizen of Australia.

It can include dependent relatives and adopted children from overseas that fall under this category. You’ll have to show a long term support to your relationship in Australia. Your relationship support can make your eligible for Australian PR.

Skilled Migration Visa

If you are a professional and having experience in any occupation that is demanding in Australia. However, the selected occupation should be available on the Occupation list. You can apply for Skilled Migration Visa and move to Australia and eventually apply for Permanent Residency.

Employer Sponsored Visa

If you are applying for any in-demand skill in Australia and a registered Australian employer is willing to sponsor you. You can easily apply for Employer Sponsored Visa. If your work falls under the same employer and same domain for more than 3 years, you’ll get the chance to apply for Permanent Residency.

Australia is country that is really choosy in offering Permanent Residency. The country only wants the highly skilled professionals to get PR. Therefore, you should speak with a registered Australia Migration Consultant.

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