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Australian Citizenship Test: Recent Changes

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Australia is a beautiful country to live in. It offers a quality of life, world-class education, natural attractions, and more. Every year, thousands of people apply for Australian Immigration under Australia Immigration Skilled Visa, Australia Family Visa, Australia Student Visa, Australia State Nomination, Australia Investor Visa, and other streams.

Since 1949, more than 5 million people have become Australian citizens. However, a record 294,000 people received Australian citizenship in the 2019/2020 period. Moreover, almost 84,000 people in Australia received citizenship through online ceremonies even during the pandemic.

The Australian citizenship test is a major part of the citizenship process. However, anyone who is willing to apply for Australian citizenship will need to take this test. On November 15, the policy for the Australian citizenship test will change.

How to Become an Australian Citizen?

In order to apply for citizenship, applicants will need to comply with specific eligibility requirements like:

  • Comply With Residency Requirements
  • Being Over 16 Years of Age
  • Good Character

Applicants should have lived in Australia for at least four years, including 12 months as a PR holder. Moreover, applicants will need to live for at least 9 out of 12 months before applying for citizenship.

Moreover, applicants will also need to provide movement records to verify they comply with this criterion. Applicants who are found to have not been in Australia for the minimum amount of time will need to wait for another 12 months before applying for citizenship again.

After applying for Australian citizenship, candidates will need to undergo an interview with the Department of Home Affairs. They will confirm the identity of a candidate and their understanding regarding Australian citizenship.

After the interview, applicants can take the Australian citizenship test.

What is the Australian Citizenship Test?

This test is essential to assess the knowledge of applicants regarding Australian citizenship. The test helps to know candidates’ knowledge regarding Australian people, laws, liberties, and beliefs.

However, the test is based on the content from the Australian citizenship test resource booklet. The name of the book is “Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond.” However, you can download the book from the official website of Home Affairs.

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Difference Between New and Old Test

The format of both tests is almost the same. However, the candidates need to answer 20 multiple choice questions and obtain a score of at least 75% to pass.

The old test’s main focus was the Australian government and history, and the new test includes Australian values.

In the new test, the government has revised questions, and five new questions have been added regarding Australian values. These questions are helpful to test the knowledge of applicants regarding Australian values. Values include freedom of speech, equality of opportunity, mutual respect, the rule of law, and the importance of democracy.

The candidates will need to answer these five questions correctly to pass the test.

Values questions can be like:

  • In Australia, do people have free choice of who they may or may not marry?
  • Why is it essential that all citizens will vote to elect the state and federal parliament of Australia?

Anyone taking the Australian citizenship test before 15 November 20202 will need to score at least 75% to pass. However, those who will take the test after 15 November 2020 will need to score at least 75% and answer all five questions about Australian values correctly.

Currently, no changes have been made to the English language or residency requirements for citizenship. However, PM Scott Morrison has given hints about changes that may occur in the future.

Processing Times

The processing time for citizenship applicants can be lengthy. However, 75% of applications usually take around 15 months from application to decision. Moreover, 90% of applications take around 28 months to process. You need to wait for at least 7 – 9 months from the decision to the citizenship ceremony.

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Becoming an Australian citizen is a great privilege, and it comes with significant responsibilities and entitlements. If you want to learn more about Australian Immigration or citizenship, fill out the free assessment form online, and our representative will contact you shortly.

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