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Top 5 most competitive ANZSCO occupations

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Australia Immigration Skilled Visa is helpful for professionals to work in Australia. Therefore, there are hundreds of candidates that are applying for Australia’s most in-demand occupations. However, there are legions of applicants that compete for the invitation. Moreover, getting an invitation takes talent, perseverance, and plenty of good fortune.

In addition, here are the five most competitive occupations currently under the Independent Skilled (Subclass 189) visa:

  • Accountants (221111): 12,315 EOIs
  • Software Engineer (261313): 8,386 EOIs
  • External Auditor (221213) : 3,657 EOIs
  • Mechanical Engineer (233512) : 3,516 EOIs
  • ICT Business Analyst (261111): 3,447 EOIs

However, there is a huge competition specifically for Accountant. Moreover, the number of EOIs remains significant across all five occupations that come under State Nomination Program – Skilled Regional Subclass 491 and Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 visas.

What Does That Means for Applicants?

Similarly, The above numbers show that there are very few chances to get invitations. However, a candidate having EOI with a score of at least 95 or above will also have the rare chances under a Subclass 189 visa, particularly in today’s COVID-19 crisis.

Thus, it is important to know where you are standing. However, the below summary will help you know the number of EOIs currently in the system. Moreover, it will be helpful for you to map your competitive position.

221111: Accountants

Firstly, let’s take a look at Accountants jobs and points.

PointsEOI Count

261313: Software Engineer

Secondly, let’s have a look at the points for Software Engineer jobs.

PointsEOI Count

221213: External Auditor

Thirdly, Let’s take a look at the points for External Auditor jobs.

PointsEOI Count

233512: Mechanical Engineer

Fourthly, here are the points for Mechanical Engineer jobs.

PointsEOI Count

261111: ICT Business Analyst

Lastly, here are the points for ICT Business Analyst Jobs.

PointsEOI Count


How to Maximize Your Chances?

While applying for a GSM visa, it is crucial to plan each step of the process before just leaping in. Therefore, you need to plan carefully to maximize your chances. However, you need to make an Expression of Interest in SkillSelect. Moreover, each component of this process needs a great deal of time, preparation, cost, and strategy.

However, if you are looking forward to maximizing your chances to get an invitation to apply for an Australia Immigration Skilled Visa. Thus, you need to understand how SkillSelect works so that you can plan accordingly.

How Many Points Do You Have?

Moreover, the Points test is just the initial requirement for GSM visas. However, the current minimum points that you need to meet visa requirements for GSM is 65 points. Thus, skilled Immigration is very competitive, and there is a high demand for some occupations.

However, it takes a lot of effort and fortune to get an invitation, and you need higher scores to get an invitation.

Apply for Australia Immigration Skilled Visa Today!

EOI Date of Effect

Moreover, the expression of Interest candidates in SkillSelect automatically ranks according to the score and date of effect. However, the date of effect is updated every time you’ll amend your EOI. Your points test score will also change as you’ll make changes to EOI.

Moreover, the amendments will also change your date of effect for the purposes to get ranking. Therefore, you need to be careful while updating your EOI as it can particularly affect your ranking. In conclusion, it is always important to check the requirements before applying. Moreover, you need to make a checklist of important things to make the process easy for you.

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